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00 | news
         back in cali
                    Los Angeles, california, jan 2016
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         showcar sketches @ spex
                    minga, germany, dec 2012
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         recharge 2012.2 | scandinavia tour
                    denmark, sweden, norway august 2012

         recharge 2012.1 | cote d´azur
                    italy, monaco, france june 2012

         updated: publications
                    minga, germany, march 2012
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         recharge 2012.0 | maui
                    hawaii, usa, january 2012
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         back in the usa | business trip to california
                    los angeles, usa, january 2012

         out now | showcar released
                    frankfurt, germany, july 2011
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         recharge 1.0 | sardinia
                    italy, august 2010

         speeches | active inspiration
                    brunswick, germany, july 2010
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         special task force | taping in beijing
                    beijing, china, april 2010
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         more | showcar sketches released
                    @ interiormotives.magazine, spring 2010
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         showcar sketches @
                    worldwideweb, end of 2009
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         fresh | `der berg ruft´-tour
                    zell am see, austria, december 2009

         funky | sketchbattle
                    minga, october 2009
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         new sketch | need for more airships
                    munich, october 2009
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         out now | bmw vision showcar
                    munich, august 2009
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         quick`n dirty | doodledoodle
                    munich, march 2009
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         finally | released fashion sketches
                    munich, october 2008
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         that´s design | fieldtrip to milano, italy
                    europe, april 2008
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         time out in como/ milano, italy
                    europe, march 2008

         first time in geneva, switzerland
                    europe, march 2008
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         sketchwall | sorry.still in process
                    europe, march 2008

          update! finally, I got a few sketches for you
          here ...on my new "sketchwall", minga, feb 2008
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          out now!
           at tokyo´s autoshow, japan, oct 2007
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         moviestar : `design process´ movie lauchned in the "bmw welt"
                    take a look ´n get an impression of "our" design world
                    munich, europe, october 2007

         excursion to croatia
                    europe, august 2007

         fieldtrip to milano
                    europe, april 2007

          great diplom showndown
                    at university of art braunschweig, europe, april 2007
                    ...see [more]

         fieldtrip to barcelona
                    europe, january 2007 ...see [more]

         digital sketch workshop
                    university of art braunschweig, germany, january 2007
                    ...see [more]

         start working in munich at bmw´s design studio,
                    germany, europe, august 2006

         degree show 2006 [rundgang 2006],
                    university of art, braunschweig, germany july 2006
                                       ...see [more]

         diploma project
                    it´s done, april 2006
                    BMW Group, munich, europe [more]

         diploma project
                    the "final journey" will begin, october 2005
                    at BMW design studio, munich, germany

         amazing transportation design exhibition in context of the annual "rundgang",
         university of art, braunschweig, july 2005 [more]

         internship extension and upgrade;
         after 5 1/2 months transportation design [downstairs],
         finally for additional 3 months automotive design [upstairs], february 2005

         internship at BMW/designworksUSA studio, california, september 2004

         schwimmwagen_exterieur preview
                    in the context of transportation design show 2004,
                    july 21-25 2004 at school of art braunschweig, germany [more]

01 | projects

           project i: showcar iaa 2011
           vision: showcar iaa 2009
           case study.urban jungle car
           airmotion                           ...and [more]
02 | links
           shipmates, inspiration                           ...and [more]
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04 | about

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